The Salomon Trail Running Festival came to Swanston Farm for their Edinburgh session on 2nd June 2018, bringing a huge number of runners keen to take part in the various activities over the weekend.

Runners were able to enter the 10km and 20km timed races, covering terrain over the Pentland Hills as well as yoga sessions, a mini trail for children under the age of 14, guided runs, talks and workshops and a variety of other activities.  With food and drink vendors keeping everyone on site happy, including the fantastic Pizza Geeks, YoFrog and Prime Street Food, the participants and spectators enjoyed a great weekend of exercise and entertainment, including the evening bar and live band.

Base Camp was located at the Easterly end of our farm in an exclusive grassy area regularly used by companies who run their events from Swanston Farm.

Take a look at their website to read more about the event and to see their gallery of photographs.

As you can see, our Highland Cattle were pretty unfazed by the hundreds of runners going by!