Scott Gourlay Golf Technology

Tour Performance Fittings Studios, based at Swanston Golf.  Scotland’s leading golf club fitting company, where advanced technology, the latest brand name equipment and expert, personalised service converge to help raise the discerning golfer’s game to new performance levels.

Matching the perfect clubs for you, SGGT personalises their fitting service to you and your swing only, with a wide range of the best brands that they blend together to create the ultimate combination for you.

No longer a specialty service reserved just for touring pros, custom fitting can have an even more dramatic impact on amateur golfers, from beginners to advanced players. Now is the time to improve your game the same way professional golfers have been improving their game for years – with custom fitted clubs from SGGT, the best club fitting company in the business.

Trackman Launch Monitor

The process starts by using Trackman to capture all the relevant information about your swing and then use that to shape what combination of Head, Shaft and Grip will suit you best.

There is no need to send them away to get your clubs made. The clubs are built by specialist SGGT club fitters and made to fit your exact requirements. If they have the parts in stock the clubs can be ready in no time at all.

SST Pure

Golf shafts aren’t perfectly straight or perfectly round. Studies have shown that irregularities in a shaft’s structure cause off-line bending and twisting during the golf swing. This causes an increase in shot dispersion or, in irons, inconsistent performance from club to club.

S3 Fitting

S3 Technologies utilises the most advanced shaft testing technology in the industry. The Shaft Simulation System (S3), which was developed in 2013, is a fully-automated, all-in-one shaft profiling machine.

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