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Plans for the future around Swanston Farm

Lothianburn Adventure Centre


Swanston Farm is planning a new mountain bike & adventure centre on the former Lothianburn Golf Course.  Following the closure of Lothianburn Golf Club in December 2013, the site reverted to farming by Swanston Farm, who have owned the land since the 1970’s. The site is perfect for easily accessible [...]

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Lothianburn MTB Study


Rare Management was commissioned in April 2014 to undertake a development study for a new mountain bike trail centre and associated facilities on the site of the former Lothianburn Golf Course, on the southern outskirts of Edinburgh. […]

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LDP MIR Submission


This submission to the Edinburgh Local Development Plan – Main Issues Report relates to Swanston Farm Ltd’s landholding at Swanston, Lothianburn, which is situated mostly within the City of Edinburgh Council’s area but also Midlothian Council. The information relates to Swanston’s long term aspirations to deliver a leading destination outdoor [...]

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