Something different for your corporate and group entertainment needs.

Footgolf Swanston accepts Corporate or group bookings of 20 players or more.  To book or find out prices for either an exclusive-use corporate, school or club Footgolf event, or to combine it with further Swanston activities, simply contact us for more information.

What exactly IS Footgolf?

Footgolf is simply Football and Golf combined; a precision sport where players kick a football into a specially-sized golf green hole in as few shots as possible.

The game is played the same way as golf, except players use a football instead of a golf ball and the ball is kicked, instead of being struck with a golf club. Players kick their ball towards a 21 inch ‘cup’ in place of the usual golf hole. Pars are usually 5 or less and Footgolf is quicker to play, more accessible to players and does not require expensive equipment.

How big is the sport?

The first Footgolf World Cup was held in Hungary in 2012 when 77 Footgolf players from 8 countries took part in the tournament spanning 3 days.  The second Word Cup took place in 2016 in Argentina – watch the World Cup Video by Official Sponsor Hyundai.  The 2018 Footgolf World Cup took place at the Al Madeen Golf Resort near Marrakesh in Morocco from 9th to 16th December with men and women taking part in individual and team competitions.  Watch the video highlights from Round 3 here.

Footgolf is governed by the Federation for International Footgolf (FIFG), promoting worldwide recognition of the sport, establishing International Rules and guidelines for Footgolf and even creating the ‘Footgolf for Dummies‘ Quick Rules Introduction to Footgolf!

Why book Swanston Footgolf?

Swanston Farm is home to Edinburgh City Centre’s nearest Footgolf course and has been welcoming to its course players of all ages, including schools and businesses.

Come along to Swanston Farm and join in this fantastic sport; it’s relaxed, requires no previous experience whatsoever and will have you exercising and laughing the whole way round.

Corporate and group bookings can benefit from exclusive-use, with full access to the Swanston facilities, including changing rooms, showers, free parking and the additional option of dining at Swanston Brasserie.  Golf, Disc Golf and Farm Tours are also available to combine in to the perfect package for entertaining your clients, workforce, club or group.